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A modern conservatory will give you room to breathe. Whether you want to create a garden room, a dining room, a study or a playroom (for you or the children) a conservatory gives you the freedom to extend and enjoy your home.

But conservatories are not a new idea; they’ve developed from Victorian country houses and Edwardian villas via the fifties “lean to”, to become part of a modern home. The big difference is that with modern technology you can enjoy unparalleled safety, security and energy efficiency.

Here are some questions to ask when you start looking for your ideal conservatory click to discover the answers you’re looking for.

Q1. How do I choose the right conservatory for my home?
First consider your house. What general style of conservatory would work with your home perhaps a traditional Victorian conservatory or a more ornate Edwardian style; perhaps you – prefer something more modern and minimal. Then there´s your garden what shape is it, how do you use it, how can you make best use of the space available.

Q2. Do I need planning permission?
One of the great advantages of adding a conservatory to your home is that in England and Wales you won´t usually need planning permission provided you do not exceed the permitted development limit for your property (which is 50-70 cubic metres, depending on where you live). There are however exceptions including listed buildings and it is important to choose a conservatory company that can guide you through the whole process.

Q3. Are there Building Regulations I need to consider?
Conservatories are usually exempted under Building Regulations in England and Wales although there are some exceptions (for example it should not have more than 25% of its wall as brickwork, it should have a transparent/translucent roof and no drainage is required; above 30 m2 of floor area building regulations would apply). Please note that all conservatories on new build properties are subject to building regulations. Again, check with your installer.

Q4. How do I select the right roof?
There are two choices for roofs – old style PVC-U externally capped roofs or advanced new aluminium-based systems. With aluminium, when you look up you´ll see lighter, slimmer and smarter roof joists – which means more elegance and more sunshine. The inherent strength of aluminium means you don´t need tie bars (metal cross bars) and the low maintenance polyester coated finish can simply be hosed down to clean it.

Q5. What about the glazing in the roof?
It is vital to choose the right glass for your conservatory. The first choice is simple enough; do you want to use energy efficient lightweight polycarbonate sheet or glass for your roof. If you choose glass, then there´s a range of glazing types. Reflective insulating glazing reflects heat back into your building and is ideal for North facing rooms. Anti-solar tinted or solar shielding glazing absorbs the suns rays and is ideal for South facing installations. And don´t forget your blinds – these can work very effectively with your glazing to create the right level of heat.

We can also provide a host of references on application.